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Eagle:xm provides integrated customer engagement solutions that help brands enrich their customer relationships and improve business performance and profitability. We leverage data intelligence and marketing automation to enable right time dialogues between companies and consumers across the spectrum of digital and traditional channels.

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Vision Graphics Inc/Eagle:xm Brings Home the Gold, Again

DENVER, CO (May 6, 2015) - Vision Graphics Inc/Eagle:xm, one of the nation’s largest commercial printing and marketing communication solutions providers, is proud ...

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The Intimacy of Print

Social media has transformed birthdays into big deals. It's not unusual for friends and family you actually haven't spoken with in years to ...

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Who We Are

Delivering peace of mind

For over 60 years we’ve been adding value to our clients marketing communications activities as an extension of their organization. Our strengths lie in our scope of strategic thinking and expertise in creating and executing B2C and B2B marketing and customer care  communications programs. We bring robust cross-channel capabilities and automated program execution solutions together with data management expertise to enable brands to reach their customers across multiple life cycle touchpoints. Clients who rely on Eagle:xm benefit from enriched customer relationships and improved business performance and profitability.


“Other vendors seemed pretty cookie cutter. The way Eagle:xm brought their ideas to us was different and made them stand above the others.”  – Marketing Manager

We base our success on your success

Eagle:xm is driven to create dynamic communication solutions that address the unique requirements of each client. We work as an extension of your team by first shaping innovative ideas and winning strategies that address the unique nature of your business. Then we leverage our experienced team of creative, IT and production professionals to implement and oversee the flawless execution of your deliverables.   Our employees know that team work is more than just being an eagle:xm team member. So you’ll have a dedicated team of experts who will provide tailored services and solutions that take your marketing to the next level.



“Their ‘can-do’ attitude is a key thing. Pretty much anything we ask them to do, they can do. They are very client service oriented.”
– Catalog Manager

Our people are creative, tactical, and exciting to work with

It begins with in-depth training that ensures you get nothing less than skilled, professional contacts on every client engagement.
Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Of all the things they do for us, I would have to say the thing that is the most valuable is their people…They understand what I need to have done and they get it done.” – Marketing Manager

CEO / Owner

Senior Vice President

Vice President Database Mktg. & Analytics

Vice President of Technology

Financial Controller

Vice President, Online Print & Marketing Automation

“The Eagle:xm team is very friendly. It’s almost like a second family." - Marketing Director

Forging the future of modern marketing

We’re always looking for innovative original thinkers to join our team.

We post job openings, so please check back with us.

Email your resume to careers@eaglexm.com

Ensuring a bright future

Eagle:xm is an environmentally responsible company whose efforts and initiatives lead the industry. Recognized by the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program and the Printing Industry Association (PIA) as a Certified Green Printer, we are committed to meeting and exceeding environmental regulations and working continuously to improve the effectiveness of our sustainable management programs.


Discover how Eagle:xm is taking care of the environment


What We Offer

Discover the power and the possibilities

Eagle:xm provides integrated cross-channel customer engagement solutions that help brands
enrich their customer relationships and improve business performance and profitability. We
leverage data intelligence and marketing automation to enable right time dialogues between
companies and consumers across the spectrum of digital and traditional channels.

With Eagle:xm you can:

  • Target new customers, improve retention and grow sales
  • Communicate using the customer’s preferred channel
  • Ensure 360 degree consistency in your branded materials
  • Analyze program performance to optimize your budget
  • Enable sales and distribution partners access to materials
  • Deliver personalized messages via voice, text & email
  • Run automated trigger-based marketing program
  • Improve customer experience with proactive messaging
  • Single-source your print and fulfillment needs
  • Enhance program performance with our expertise

    “Eagle:xm created a turn key acquisition solution,
    it’s automated and I don’t have to worry about it.” 
    - Marketing Manager

"Know-more” about your prospects, your customers & your program performance

Today’s savvy consumers expect more from their favorite brands.

With emerging technology the market is dictating that businesses who want to gain more market share must communicate with consumers on a more personal level.

The challenge for businesses is understanding how to use their data to improve targeting, timing and messaging relevance. Eagle:xm answers the challenge by helping clients make sense of their data. 

Our database development, management, mining and tracking solutions deliver rich insights and attributes for more strategic decisions and more profitable results. Whether it’s building a new database or unlocking the real potential of your current data assets, Eagle:xm gives you the power to “know more” so you can engage with your targets and customers on a more personal level.

“I am going to be entirely frank. I cannot imagine having the level of success that we have without the partnership we have had with Eagle:xm over the past 15 years.”
    - Vice President Marketing

Tailored solutions that address your business needs

Working together with our clients we identify innovative strategies and solutions for optimizing engagement across all touch points. Drawing on years of experience across every industry, we work to understand the nuances and unique nature of your business, your customers, and your goals to design a custom tailored solution that embraces and respects your brand’s identity.

"Eagle:xm is our go-to vendor when we want to test new ideas. What Eagle:xm excels at is thinking outside the box. Their strategy is better. We love their ability to develop new ideas.” – Marketing Associate

Our Engagement Promise

Deliver the right communication to the right consumer, at the right time, over the right channel

Elegant, efficient, coordinated, and most importantly effective. It’s our promise for a successful customer engagement. We create integrated data-centric marketing programs that leverage a mix of traditional and new engagement channels. Programmed in our solutions are analytic tools and decision engines that tactically drive the next best communication. This “know more" approach generates desired outcomes and optimizes program performance.  We draw on an arsenal of communication channels, media & tools including:

Reach the market with precision and accuracy 

Whether you have a single location or a national organization, if you need custom versions or large quantities of a specific document, our customized fulfillment solutions enable you to respond to ever-changing market requirements. Our state-of-the-art secure facility features over 100,000 square feet centrally located in Denver, Colorado that is designed to house both Eagle:xm produced materials as well as items provided by third parties. When you choose Eagle:xm, you’ll never again worry about inventory accuracy or the timely arrival of your materials. We promise predictable management of your products and the flexibility to do it your way.

In my experience over the last twenty five years, many companies have touted 'teamwork' as a formula for success and prosperity. Few have pulled this off. None as well as you did today! Thanks for providing that Eagle:xm has the right formula and people in place for true success" - Vice President Marketing

Forging the future of modern marketing

Eagle:xm’s engagement promise doesn’t stop with execution. Our comprehensive approach includes tools and tactics that track program performance and surface actionable business intelligence so you can continually re-evaluate and manage your budget allocations, channel mix and communications strategy. Our integrated environment facilitates tracking of programs, packages, inquiries and responses.

Eagle:xm’s experienced database staff will evaluate your marketing initiatives to identify your most effective marketing methods, evaluate list performance, refine your target markets and determine your program’s return on investment.

Review our Case Studies and learn how we improve campaign performance and profitability.

Industry Solutions

Discover how our custom tailored solutions can improve your marketing performance

No matter what industry you’re in you want a marketing partner that understands your unique business challenges and is equipped to support your cross-channel communication programs that drive sales, enhance customer engagement and increase profitability. Whether you seek B2B or B2C solutions, we create and manage winning strategies and end-to-end solutions that accomplish your specific objectives from acquisition throughout all facets of customer lifecycle engagement.

Eagle:xm is a proven partner to leading brands in the following industries:

Consumer Brands & Retail
Financial Services
Recreation & Travel

Our Work


Triggered Communications Delivers U.S. Olympic Committee New Memberships


One of the four U.S. Olympic Committee subsidiary organizations with varied and complex membership cycles was seeking help with its membership renewal effort. Facing challenges in membership attrition and increasing costs related to its highly complex renewal system, the Committee turned to Eagle:xm.


Being able to bring both in-house creative and technology teams to the table; our team was able to look at the client’s unique challenge from a 360 degree view and help them understand how to use their data to improve targeting, timing and messaging relevance.  By using customer insights and our print-on-demand variable data technology we redesigned the renewal package to communicate with members on a more personal level by including the recipient’s age, subsidiary organization, calculated amount of recipient’s renewal fee, and calculated gift ask amount. In addition, we designed a triggered communications program to automatically send timed renewal reminders to non-responders.


  • Reduced postage costs by 30% or $14,000 annually
  • Lowered production costs by 25%
  • Raised average donation by 12% at time of renewal

Recreational Travel

Award Winning Campaign Strategy Delivers Results

One of the most sophisticated resort conference centers in the Rocky Mountain region was relying on a “classic” self-mailer with a follow-up postcard to generate leads among professional meeting planners. The response declined each year, despite variations in list, offer and creative.

A fresh approach to the client’s creative included repositioning the resort to better depict its unique propositions attributes. We also evaluated the client’s customer and prospect database and developed an improved targeting strategy. A multi-stage direct marketing campaign featuring the new creative was launched.


  • Generated a response rate of 39% over prior campaigns, without the use of incentives or discounts
  • Efficiencies in production, mailing and postage produced a significantly more effective campaign at an identical budget to prior year
  • Program received a BMA Gold Key Award for marketing excellence and was a DMA Echo Award finalist


Automated Technology Empowers State Government

A state government needed to distribute ever-changing employee benefit documents to more than 30,000 workers on a timely basis. Using traditional methods required multiple vendors to print, customize and mail its employee benefits materials. Without centralized control, the state was experiencing poor communication, delivery delays and high costs.

Our team focused on streamlining and automating legacy processes. Using our Click4CollateralTM web-based tool, we centralized all printed materials within an inventory management system that enabled electronic ordering for human resource managers statewide. We utilized print on demand technologies to keep materials current and reduce inventory, and developed a quality control program to track and improve order turn-around.


  • Saved thousands of dollars in shipping and postal costs
  • Decreased fulfillment processing budget
  • Reduced average order turn-around time


Largest Broadband Cable Company Improves Customer Satisfaction Using Triggered Marketing Solution

One of the nation’s largest Broadband Cable companies needed a solution to measure the performance of their customer facing employees and contractors including field service and sales organizations, technicians, and call center personnel.

We created and deployed a triggered customer survey program designed to gather immediate feedback enabling the client to measure its employees’ performance and optimize customer experience across all touch points. To obtain the greatest accuracy of customer input, surveys are sent within 24 hours of contact using email and delivered letters. Response data is managed using an interactive, on-demand reporting portal that features “urgent alert” capabilities to notify management about negative feedback helping them resolve issues before they escalate which resulted in improved customer satisfaction and decreased churn.


  • Generated an average 28% response rate
  • Changed the culture and created a “total mind shift” positively impacting field organization personnel (sales, service, technicians, contractors)
  • Delivered an improvement in customer satisfaction as measured by 80% increase in urgent alerts and Net Promoter Scores
  • Improved ROI by increasing the lifetime value of the customer and decreasing defection rates


Click4Collateral™ Enables Sales Force to Customize and Mail Membership Kits From Their Desktop

The nation’s largest non-profit HMO became increasingly frustrated by their current vendor’s inability to rapidly respond to changing market demands and maintain compliance. The client needed a easier way to access accurate information to forcast budgets, print on demand and shrink the response time to deliver documents to consumers during post sale and renewal cycles. The key challenge was to create a transition plan that would be transparent to customers and the sales organization while continuing to deliver critical documents on time and  at reduced costs.

Eagle:xm’s web-based Click4Collateral solution was configured to the client’s unique requirements that included the ability for each sales representative to build their own custom kits for delivery within 48 hours. Our user-friendly tool enables individualized kits to be created containing personalized documents and rate plans. Client’s sales force has password protected 24/7/365 access to over 500 items, print on demand and custom kitting and shipping capabilities. Administrative tools include real-time reporting and billing systems and the ability to self-administer all inventory from their desktop.


  • 50% reduction in fulfillment staffing to handle communications
  • Reduced client administrative time from weeks to hours
  • Reporting that enables predictive budgeting
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to zero defect production and maintenance of legal compliance


Triggered Communications Increases Membership Renewal

This national organization with more than 60,000 members in 100 countries needed to transition from their in-house legacy systems to an outside fully integrated marketing and fulfillment solution. The goal was to establish systems integration so that billing data could be extracted from their legacy system, while keeping internal IT requirements to a minimum.

Our team of experts created a Triggered Communications and Fulfillment solution that received billing and marketing communications data feeds that generated invoices and various membership communications. Our creative design team reformatted the client’s materials to take advantage of the new and expanded data sets and state of the art print on demand capabilities.


  • Enabled daily invoice mailing and increased cash flow through data transmissions
  • 80% reduction in client IT staff time
  • Achieved cost savings using print on demand integration eliminating duplicate mailings
  • Increased member renewal and new member satisfaction through predictable delivery of member materials


Automated Customer Care Solutions Generates 58% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

This regional utility provider faced increasing call center activity due to service changes, government regulations and plant outages. Servicing costs were skyrocketing while the actual service levels had dropped.  In addition, they were being penalized by the government for not being able to prove the proper documents were being delivered in a timely manner.  This client wanted a seamless and cost-effective method to help increase customer satisfaction andcomply with government regulations while reducing costs.


We developed an automated trigger-based solution that delivered the proper communication to the customer without placing any additional workload on the client’s staff . First the Eagle:xm team created a uniform print and digital template that supported over 50 different communication packages ranging from thank-you letters to credit card billing change verifications to credits and coupon delivery. Next we constructed a data model using hundreds of current and historical variables to assign the specific type of content and personalize the communication. Leveraging our cross-channel platform we designed a strategy that enabled the most efficient channel to be used so that the customer received the communication within one day of their request. A web-based reporting tool was also created so that management could view relevant metrics.


  • 40% reduction in call center staffing
  • 400% return on investment (ROI) on project investment
  • 58% improvement in Customer Satisfaction scores
  • Reduction in customer defections

Consumer Brands & Retail

Top Product Manufacturer Reduces Fulfillment Costs by 40%

The largest non-tire rubber product manufacturing company in the world was faced with rising marketing costs, increased marketing support demands, and a growing worldwide sales force. In addition to increased marketing pressures, their traditional method of handling marketing support materials was failing due to antiquated systems, inadequate personnel and the escalating costs of warehouse space.

We designed and constructed an online, instantly expandable, fulfillment software solution that provides easy access to over two thousand products, five different companies, twelve divisions, and facilitated client self-administered inventory management. Integrated into the client’s intranet, the branded web interface enabled users to access the inventory and print on demand systems. To augment the multi-faceted packaging, Eagle:xm introduced: complex hand-kitting with electronic proofing to assure accuracy, reverse inventory stocking when kits are not used, and complete world-wide tracking to assure materials arrive when expected.


  • Reduced fulfillment costs 40% over a four-year period
  • Increased inventory accuracy to 99.9%
  • Reduced delivery times from weeks to days
  • Successfully integrated print on demand program

“Thanks for working with us through some trying times to consolidate our marketing fulfillment and print on demand systems. The expertise and effort your company brought together to solve our problems while reducing our costs, has not gone unnoticed by anyone in our company. We are looking forward to doing even more with Eagle:xm in the future.”  - Vice President Marketing

Recreation & Travel

Destination Ski Resort Uses Customer Insights to Aquire New Customers

A destination ski resort was mailing over 1,000,000 marketing pieces annually and were dissatisfied with a <1% response rate. They engaged our team of experts to replace their ineffective mass direct marketing efforts with a more cost-effective program that would increase response and expand their market base while also increasing the frequency of repeat ski visits.

The creation of a robust marketing database was central to the success of this engagement. Our data team started by profiling, segmenting and analyzing the existing customer database that was followed by the creation of new prospect lists. Creative teams developed new direct mail formats and segment-specific offers targeting high value prospects through series of test campaigns. Production economies were realized using gang runs and audience versioning.


  • Gained increased customer insight and identified high value groups
  • Elevated overall direct mail response from <1% to approximately 4%
  • Raised repeat skier visits through a variety of frequency programs
  • Increased revenues while lowering production and postage costs by 20%

Financial Services

Cross-Channel Communications Platform Supports Proactive Customer Care

Looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and provide the highest level of customer convenience, this leading bank was looking for a vendor that could provide a highly customized automated messaging solution. They wished to empower their consumers to better manage their finances by delivering a variety of alerts & notifications pertaining to their account activity. In addition, they wanted to communicate over the customer’s preferred channel.

A multi-channel platform (voice, text email) was created that enables consumers to choose from over 100 alerts and set channel preferences for delivery. Messages are deployed 24/7/365 and we maintain a 3 second Service Level Agreement (SLA) for response time.


  • Program was utilized as focal point of national advertising program to differentiate brand from the competition
  • Successful implementation lead to the creation of platforms for additional lines of business including health services, retirement planning, state, local, federal entitlement services


Medical Services Provider Documents Service Levels With Automated Patient Feedback Solution

Client wished to migrate from a live operator administered survey to an automated solution in order to validate appropriate levels of in-home care were provided to patients. The solution would be critical to documenting service levels for Medicare payment authorization.

A robust and agile multi-channel platform was created enabling the client to gather patient satisfaction feedback about their experience with the various healthcare products/services. Voice, text and email surveys are deployed in numerous languages and allow patients to interactively determine language preference. As part of the client’s “Patient Preference” initiative, captured language preference determines all subsequent provider-to-patient communications. The turnkey solution includes creation of all survey content, structure, program development and channel deployment including interactive options allowing patients to leave comments in their own voice (“Voice of-the-Patient”). The solution includes transcription services and customized reporting.


  • Outbound & Inbound Surveys in English & Spanish language generate 10% response rate


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