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Data Services

"Know-more” about your prospects, your customers & your program performance

Today’s savvy consumers expect more from their favorite brands.

With emerging technology the market is dictating that businesses who want to gain more market share must communicate with consumers on a more personal level.

The challenge for businesses is understanding how to use their data to improve targeting, timing and messaging relevance. Eagle:xm answers the challenge by helping clients make sense of their data. 

Our database development, management, mining and tracking solutions deliver rich insights and attributes for more strategic decisions and more profitable results. Whether it’s building a new database or unlocking the real potential of your current data assets, Eagle:xm gives you the power to “know more” so you can engage with your targets and customers on a more personal level.

“I am going to be entirely frank. I cannot imagine having the level of success that we have without the partnership we have had with Eagle:xm over the past 15 years.”
    - Vice President Marketing